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aluvilla verandos konstrukcija


Strong, rigid and long-lasting; easy to assemble; easy to maintain. 


"Aluvilla" greenhouses, orangeries, terrace roofs, verandas and other garden structures are made of closed-type aluminium profiles, therefore the construction is stable and robust, designed to withstand harsh winter climates of the Northern Europe.

All raw materials (aluminium profiles, fasteners) are manufactured in leading European companies assuring the highest quality of the end product.

Aluminium profiles are manufactured in the EU according to ISO 9001 Quality Certification; extrusion corresponds with the European norms  EN 755-9 y EN 12020

All nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel or aluminium.



Why aluminium?

Aluminium is a popular framing material. Does not rust, and is generally easy-to-assemble. Aluminium structures neither rot, twist nor warp and (unlike the wooden ones) they cannot be affected by insects. They are fire resistant. Their maintenance cost is minimal - only minimal cleaning is required.

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