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 Any RAL colour, only powder coated*.


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As a standard, the frames of "Aluvilla" greenhouses come in natural aluminium. If you would like a greenhouse that would fit nicely to your house colours, order a painted frame.

Most popular colour options for our greenhouses are: antracite grey (RAL 7016), brown (RAL 8019), white (RAL 9010), green (RAL 6009):

Aluminium3   7016 antracite   8019 ruda   9010 white   6009 green   ColoursAny RAL color
Natural aluminium   Antracite   Brown   White   Green   Any RAL colour


Terrace roofs and verandas:

The frames of terrace roofs and verandas come already painted in a RAL colour (powder coated). Our standard colours are: white (RAL 9010), brown (RAL 8019), anthracite grey (RAL 7016). 

7016 antracite   8019 ruda   9010 white   ColoursAny RAL color
Antracite   Brown   White   Any RAL colour


We offer two powder coating options: standard and structure:

standard coating
structurel coating


* Powder coating is a type of coating used to create a hard finish that is tougher and thicker than conventional paint. Our aluminium profiles are painted in EU companies known for exemplary technical and functional quality,  providing automated and environmentally friendly chrome-free pre-treatment approved by quality organizations (GSB and Qualicoat).

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