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Solar Veranda

The versatility of the glass veranda gives you endless possibilities on its use. Whether it is a quiet reading place, dining room, entertainment room, a quiet working place or a beautiful place to grow flowers or herbs, the allure of a "sun room" will quickly make it one of the most popular spaces in your house. 

100% extruded high-quality aluminum, designed to last, without rusting or need to be painted. Engineered to withstand strong winds and thick snow. Strong, secure, robust. 

Size. Made to measure - cut to your exact measurements. Maximum depth - 7 m.

solar roof 5

Colour. Available in any RAL colour (powder coated).

White (RAL 9010), brown (RAL 8019) and anthracite grey (RAL 7016) are offered as standard. 

7016 antracite   8019 ruda   9010 white   ColoursAny RAL color
Antracite   Brown   White   Any RAL colour

Coating: standard or structure

standard coating
structurel coating

Sliding system as standard. More options available on request.

Glazing options

  glass 1   glass 2    
8 mm tempered glass - clear   8 mm tempered glass - tinted    

Roofing. Safe tempered 8 mm glass or 6-wall 16 mm polycarbonate:

  glass 1   glass 2   glass 3
8 mm tempered glass - clear   8 mm tempered glass - tinted   8 mm tempered glass - hamered
poly b   poly a   poly8
16 mm polycarbonate - clear   16 mm polycarbonate - opal   16 mm polycarbonate - bronze

Other features. Downpipe - integrated in the post.  

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