"A car is not a horse, and it doesn't need a barn"Herbert Jacobs, Wisconsin, 1936

One of the easiest ways to protect your car at home is to park it under the carport. A quality carport from Aluvilla is the smart, affordable way to protect your vehicle from the adverse effects of weather such as sun, rain, snow and hail, and maintain its value. It is also a very valuable addition to your property, enhancing its appearance.

All Aluvilla carports come with a 12 year structural warranty. This combined with the quality materials assure that your new carport is built to last. You’ll be the satisfied with a good-looking, long-lasting carport structure and design.


Size. Each Aluvilla carport is custom designed and built.

Types. Single or double. The form of the structure offers the flexibility of either attaching it to an existing wall or leaving it free-standing.


Structure. Sturdy aluminium structure. Only stainless fittings.

Structure colour. Standard RAL colours: white (RAL 9010), brown (RAL 9010), grey antracite (RAL 7016) or any other from RAL palette.

7016 antracite   8019 ruda   9010 white   ColoursAny RAL color
Antracite   Brown   White   Any RAL colour

Standard or structure coating:

standard coating
structurel coating

Roof Glazing. 16 mm polycarbonate or safe tempered 8 mm glass.

poly b   poly a   poly8
16 mm polycarbonate - clear   16 mm polycarbonate - opal   16 mm polycarbonate - bronze

Other. Integrated rain gutters and downpipes.

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