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"Ventus" in Latin means "popular", therefore there is no question why this model has this name. Its traditional form - upright side walls and sloping roof - ideally meets all basic requirements of most hobby gardeners. It can also be used as a garden room.

Greenhouse shape

Ventus z2   Ventus wall z  
standard   on-wall  


Ultra sturdy structure Produced from high-quality aluminum enclosed profiles the structure is extremely strong.

Glazing 4 mm safety tempered glass or/and 10 mm polycarbonate. We offer a possibility to use two different glazing types in the same greenhouse if needed: roof can be covered with a polycarbonate cover while the walls - with a glass (or in any other combination).

glass 6   glass 7   poly b3
4 mm tempered glass   4 mm hammered glass   10 mm polycarbonate

More space Gutter height - 181 cm (including 13 cm height aluminum base). The construction can be heightened by +20 cm or + 30 cm (at an additional surcharge).

heights of greenhouses

Door The sliding-type door (76 x 170 cm) is typically installed in front side of the greenhouse. If required, it can be installed in any side of the greenhouse.  On-wall models have a turning-type door.

Base Special self-supporting aluminum base is in a set of all standard models. On-wall greenhouse sets include another type of base - a wall plate.


Roof windows Large (73 x 82 cm) roof windows assure good ventilation. 

Outer rain water and condensation gutters come as a standard feature.

Doors and windows can be installed in any side.  

There is a large variety of greenhouse accessories (automatic window openers, automatic watering systems, plant support elements,  gardener's table, shelves, etc.).

Colour Natural aluminum or painted in any RAL colour (powder coated).

Aluminium3   7016 antracite   8019 ruda   9010 white   6009 green   ColoursAny RAL color
Natural aluminium   Antracite   Brown   White   Green   Any RAL colour

Greenhouse sizes 

Ventus 236
Width x length, cmm2Windows
236 x 309 7,3 2
236 x 380 9,0 2
236 x 457 10,7 3
236 x 530 12,5 3
236 x 604* 14,3 4
  Ventus z6

Ventus 309
309 x 309 9,5 2
309 x 380 11,7 2
309 x 457 14,1 3
309 x 530 16,4 3
309 x 604 18,7 4
309 x 677* 21,0 4


Ventus z 5

* other and custom sizes are available on request.

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