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The most important task of the greenhouse - to create a favorable temperature and humidity for your plants. You can choose automatic window openers, additional windows or doors. Automatic opening windows open and close depending on how hot or cold the greenhouse becomes.

Automatic window opener Univent

UniventThe Univent window opener is compact and powerful. It uses a well-proven standard hydraulic cylinder that has proven its high quality and durability.  The key features that differentiate this opener are:

Material - Aluminium; Opening force - 7 kg; Standard closing force - 0.8 kg; Temperature range, opening - 17 – 25 ºC; Maximum window opening at - 30 ºC; Maximum opening stroke - 45 cm; Standard color - Metallic (untreaded).

Automatic window opener Ventomax

ventomaxThe Ventomax automatic greenhouse window opener is slender yet powerful, of high quality and durability. The unique design of the Ventomax window opener keeps the hydraulic cylinder inside the greenhouse at all times, no matter the position of the window. Due to this important feature, the window opener will always react on the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Material - electro galvanized steel; opening force 7 kg; standard closing force 0.5 kg; temperature range, opening 17 – 25 ºC; maximum window opening at 30 ºC; maximum opening stroke 45 cm.

Extra window

extra window langasExtra window - even better ventilation in the greenhouse.
Fix it to the greenhouse roof or to any side wall.




Extra door

extra door greenhouseProvides additional access into your greenhouse. 

Install an extra door to any side of your greenhouse or orangery. Single, double sliding or single, double hinged door options are available by request. 

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