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This section provides answers to your most popular questions about Aluvilla products.

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What are the Aluvilla systems manufactured from?

Our greenhouses, orangeries, terrace covers, verandas, carports systems are all manufactured using high quality aluminum profiles.

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What glazing material would you reccommend for my greenhouse: glass or polycarbonate?

Both greenhouse glazing options have advantages and disadvantages. The right glazing for your greenhouse will be determined by your requirements, personal preferences, climate conditions in your area and available budget.

Glass has been the preferred traditional glazing for its permanence and beauty. However, glass is one of the least efficient materials for retaining heat and has poor insulating characteristics. Main advantages: longevity, traditional look, light clarity, easy to clean.

Aluvilla greenhouses come with 4 mm safe tempered glass.

UV treated polycarbonate (multiwall plastic material) provides nearly as much clarity as glass. It is strong and durable, making it a practical and increasingly popular choice for today's greenhouse growers. Advantages: good thermal efficiency, keeps the warmth in longer into the night and offers better frost protection, very tough and durable, good longevity, produces a slightly diffused light which helps prevent burning/scorching the plants.

Aluvilla greenhouses come with 10 mm twinwall clear polycarbonate.

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Do you offer custom colours for the frames?

Yes. All our aluminum systems can be painted to any requested colour. We apply only powder coating technology.

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Is it easy to assemble Aluvilla greenhouse, orangeria, terrace cover?

instruction assembly aluvillaAluvilla products are designed for D.I.Y. assembly. No special technical knowledge is required. 

Two handy people carefully following the assembly instruction can assemble a standard greenhouse or orangery in ~8 hours.

Work gloves are strongly recommended. Always wear shoes and safety goggles when working with aluminum profiles.

Each product is delivered with a clear assembly instruction in 7 languages  (English, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian) and all the necessary accessories.



What greenhouse accessories would you recommend to buy?

We offer automatic window openers, automatic watering system, shelves, potting tables and other greenhouse accessories.

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