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years in the European market of aluminum systems for gardens and homes


Aluvilla is a brand name of aluminum and glass/polycarbonate systems for greenhouses, orangeries, verandas, terrace covers, swimming pool covers and other structures for the home and commercial premises owned by JSC GardenIs - a Lithuania-based company specializing in the design, production, sales and installation of high quality aluminum systems for gardens and homes. The company has been established since 2007.



Based on professional knowledge and long term experience to offer high quality, aesthetic aluminum and glass/polycarbonate systems for gardens and homes. We strive to be innovative, environment friendly and socially responsible company.


Our products are made for outdoor activities, therefore we also are friends of nature and care about its preservation. All raw materials (glass, polycarbonate, aluminum, packaging, etc.) of our products can be recycled. We responsibly collect and sort all waste generated during the entire production process and transfer to specialized recycling companies.

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